We live at about 7200 ft. elevation so our does are not clipped due to the cold weather. All photos are taken of unclipped udders, and while nursing kids. We do not milk our goats at this time except when needed to feed a kid or save colostrum, or to check the amount of milk they are giving. Milk production records are not available.  However, we carefully select for udder capacity,  attachment, and teat size and position, as well as a doe’s producing ability based on the appearance of her kids.  Our goats are registered with ADGA, tatooed, disbudded, and regularly tested, wormed and vaccinated.



DOB: 03/07/14

Sire: Prairie Wood Domino (by Little Tots Estate Leopard out of Prairie Wood Patch)

Dam: Needlerock Sparkle (by Needlerock Chieftan out of Needlerock Jinx)

Our first daughter by Domino, and we have been extremely pleased with what she has produced. We have retained 4 does and 1 buck from her so far and have given several other breeders a nice start with her offspring.

NEEDLEROCK REBA  (AGS)  Reference Only

DOB: 04/23/13

Sire:   Magic Apple KCP Bailey Sweet (by Kannah Creek LVD Poncho out of Kannah Creek KCM Yazhi)

Dam:  Needlerock Sparkle

Another proven producer for us. This little lady has a nice udder with good attachment and has produced some very nice kids, most of which have been sold. We have retained one doe kid and are hoping for a second one in 2019.


NEEDLEROCK CLOE                                               

DOB: 02/29/16

Sire: Prairie Wood EL Domino

Dam: The Needlerock Daisy




DOB: 09/01/16

SIRE: Seldom Herd Duke (by Seldom Herd Bachelor Buttons out of CH Seldom Herd Doc)

Dam: Seldom Herd Hey Diddle Diddle (by Old Mountain Farm Griegii *B out of SG Seldom Herd Dickory 1*M)



sparkleDOB: 03/24/2010

Sparkle’s third kidding udder.

Sire: Needlerock Chieftan (by Rosasharn Monarch out of Hidden Meadow Farms Paige)

Dam: Needlerock Jinx (by Velvet Acres HMF Zorro ex Hidden Meadow Farm Basil.)

Sparkle has consistently given us some of our best milk producing does and contributes a wonderful disposition and easy to hand milk. Still doing well at age 9 years.







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